Basic Practical and Hands-on Course on Woodworking And Carpentry

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At Esthete Academy, our Basic hands-on Woodworking Course will teach you all the essentials of woodworking. We lead you step-by-step as you learn the techniques that will build your knowledge, and give you the skills and confidence to work with wood and help you express your creativity and develop dexterity needed to become a true craftsperson!

13 Sessions: Our Practical and Hands-on Woodworking course is spread over 13 classes (12 practical sessions plus one 4-hour theory session) and is designed to build and hone your skills one upon the other, thus making the learning process both enjoyable and effective. This course will see you trained where you will be able to use basic carpentry tools (chisels, saws, planes, marking tools etc,) up to a level of proficiency that will amaze you. You will learn about sizing, marking, drilling, joinery and many other concepts which will equip you with the necessary skills and confidence to be able to handle all types of projects.

 Flexible Timings and BatchesWe will be conducting these batches in convenient modules tailored to the students' convenience.


Course details and description:

Unit I –  Marking, Cutting etc., (Using hand saws) - 2 sessions

Unit II – Planning /Sizing etc., (Using the carpenters plane) – 2 sessions

Unit III – Joinery, use of chisels etc., – 4 sessions

Unit IV – Maintianing the tools  sharpening etc., 1 session

Unit V – Project – Predesigned projects, sanding, finishing etc., – 3 sessions

Apart from this, there will be a 4-hour theory session on the last Sunday of the month.

Batches starting soon. Contact Ms Shifali 9900869860 / 08025282858 (Between 10 AM & 7 PM) or mail




Mr. Hamsavardhan


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Entry Fee : Rs. 37,760/- (Including 18% GST)