Fast. Accurate. Beautiful.

Esthete FAB Homes is India’s first and only Full-Service Home-Building Company, dedicated to cater to the individual. We design, construct and furnish your dream home. Be it an urban dwelling or a terrace extension, a farm house or a resort, you can trust us to take care of every little detail from start to finish. What is more, we build fast, using a state-of-the-art non-conventional steel-frame construction technology. This is the same method of construction that has gained incredible traction and popularity in the rest of the world

The design possibilities are unlimited. We can build in any style and on any terrain. The finished product is indistinguishable from conventional buildings, except that it is more beautiful and as durable!

WHY CHOOSE Fab homes


Using our latest computer-aided steel-frame construction method and trained personnel, we can complete a home in weeks rather than in months!


We use an advanced CNC machine that manufactures strong and accurate steel frames, which form the walls and ceiling of your home.


Our experienced team of architects and designers ensure you’ll have a beautiful home, without compromising on the functional and practical aspects.