The University of Handmadeology

It is the hands that inform the intellect. We believe that hand-skills and craftsmanship are very important for the growth of any society. Learning to work with your hands is a beautiful way to develop dexterity and a sharp mind. Esthete Academy will facilitate a quick transition from novice to expert. Short-duration courses that are laser-focused on the topic will enable and empower without wasting time on trivialities.

Esthete academy will conduct theory lectures, hands-on practical sessions, projects and residential craft retreats. We’ll also be offering DIY kits and online courses!



The highest human pursuits are usually called ‘art’! At Esthete Academy, we like to inspire the novice to aim for artistry.


Skill, accuracy and an in-depth understanding of the materials and methods— that’s what craftsmanship is all about.


The best way to understand a craft is to first understand the science behind it. Years of struggle and frustrations can be avoided by gaining a deep grasp of the subject from hands-on learning and practice!